Weaved or wove? 

Weaved or wove?

Until today I’d assumed that ‘wove’ was the only correct past tense of ‘weave’. I’d been taught this many years back when an editor balked when one of my characters ‘weaved through traffic’. Out came the red pen, and ‘wove’ was magically substituted.

But having coming across ‘weaved’ in a favourite author’s novel, I decided to look it up. And who knew, but if you’re referring to baskets you must always use wove or woven, but if you’re talking about something that moves from one direction to another, ‘weaved’ is correct. Basically, ‘weave’ in the second sense comes from a different source, a word closer to the verb ‘wave’.

It’s all explained far better here.

And if there was room for any doubt, even the good old OED concurs:

weaved, weaved [intransitive, transitive] to move along by running and changing direction continuously to avoid things that are in your way